The future,T8 LED china supplier

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The future,T8 LED china supplier

Postby zjanan03 » Mon Apr 03, 2017 5:31 am

According to statistics, in 2015 China LED lighting penetration rate reached 45% of total industry reached 396.7 billion yuan, an increase of 15.1%. Next three years (to 2018), LED penetration will reach 80%.The T8 LED China supplier should find business opportunities in these data.
Through rapid development these years,LED in raw materials and technology from almost Ding Feng, due to its inherent electronic properties, so that the LED can be combined with a variety of advanced concepts. Whether it is small enough to ordinary people into the home of intelligent lighting, intelligent home, or up to the national policy level shantytowns, the wisdom of urban construction, are closely linked with the LED. All these info effect T8 LED china supplier to make the choice.
The central city work conference in Dec. pointed out the need to enhance the level of construction, to strengthen the urban underground and aboveground infrastructure construction, urban construction sponge, accelerate reconstruction and shanty towns, in an orderly comprehensive renovation of old residential quarters, strive to 2020 basically complete existing urban shanty towns, villages and reconstruction, promoting the city green development, improve building standards and quality, we attach great importance to do a good job building energy efficiency. To enhance the management level, efforts to build smart city.
Such a direct good policy, no doubt for the entire LED industry has a role in promoting. It must also be recognized that this is a big boost overall investment policy and economic development, and will not be effective in the short term by leaps and bounds, T8 LED china supplier as a direct beneficiary, they need to adhere to a bright future.
Next few years, LED demand will increase, will provide continued momentum and spatial development of LED industry.

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