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Marlon Sassy aka G. Doodles has been publishing his illustrations of rappers, NIKE ELASTICO FINALE III STREET TF ballers, thugs and the like on his Tumblr page for a year now. Working with 3×3-inch Post-It notes and everyday office supplies including fluorescent highlighters, the drawings are uniquely his own. Valley Cruise is publishing Gangster Doodles Vol.1 – a limited-edition 6× NIKE ELASTICO FINALE III STREET TF 6-inch saddle-stitched book featuring 48 of his works. Releasing later this month, you can pre-order it now over at Stones Throw..
From Donald Trump to Rachel Dolezal, 2015 has been chock full of contenders worthy of a “Pinhead of the Year” award. But there’s one particular individual who would undoubtedly win our vote. Pharmaceutical CEO Martin Shkreli first made headlines this year when he made the brash decision to jack up the price of a critical anti-parasitic drug called Daraprim by 5,000%. NIKE DUNK SB To add insult to injury, it was later revealed that the pharma jerk was the proud new (unworthy) owner of Wu-Tang’s coveted Once Upon a Time in Shaolin album, which was followed by a series of obnoxious tweets. Within 10 years, more than half of all rap/hip-hop music will be made exclusively for me. Don't worry–I will share some of it. — Martin Shkreli (@MartinShkreli) December 13, 2015 But alas, the close of 2015 has proven all too sweet as Shkreli has finally received his just desserts. Yesterday, the 32-year-old CEO was arrested in New York on multiple charges citing security fraud. In a press conference after the arrest, Brooklyn U.S. Attorney Robert Capers stated, “His [Shkreli’s] plots were matched only by efforts to conceal the fraud, which led him to operate his companies, including a publicly traded company, NIKE FLYKNIT CHUKKA as a Ponzi scheme, where he used the assets of the new entity to pay off debts from the old entity.” When topic of the prized $2 million Wu-Tang record came up, Capers laughed, “I was wondering when someone would ask about that…We’re not aware of where he got the funds for the Wu-Tang album.” If convicted, Shkreli faces over 20 years behind bars, however, being that the investigation is ongoing and more arrests are probable, Shkreli may very well spend the rest of his days in the slammer. As for Once Upon a Time in Shaolin? Well, our guess is as good as yours as to where it’s currently hiding. #Breaking no seizure warrant at the arrest of Martin Shkreli today, which means we didn't seize the Wu-Tang Clan album. — FBI New York (@NewYorkFBI) December 17, 2015 See Gothamist for the full report. Be sure to check out The 19 Most Viral Hip-Hop Moments of 2015..
If you thought you’d seen enough of Kate Moss – being that she’ NIKE ELASTICO SUPERFLY IC s in an unrelenting amount of fashion campaigns – NIKE ELASTICO PRO III IC prepare yourself to see a bit more of her. Although we’ve already seen her nude in a campaign for St. Tropez, and on the cover of LUI magazine, get ready to become acquainted with her left breast, as it’s just been used to design a champagne glass. London restaurant 34 has produced an extra-special glass designed after the supermodel’s left breast to celebrate her having spent 25 years in the industry. The modeling industry that is, not the champagne industry. Or the restaurant industry. The inspiration came from the legend that the first ever champagne coupe was based on Marie Antoinette’s left breast, so Moss is in good company. You can get your hands on it beginning in October at 34 and its sister restaurants The Club at The Ivy, Daphne’s and Scott’s..

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