SP-12 ball transfer unit,25kg load capacity ,12mm machined u

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SP-12 ball transfer unit,25kg load capacity ,12mm machined u

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Why bearing or bearing need to be heated before installation
Induction heating is an advanced and fast, can control the heating method, relative to the traditional heating stove heating, oil bath heating, the torch heating are prone to lampblack, oil waste and harmful to human body health,SP-12 ball transfer unit,25kg load capacity ,12mm machined unit inductive heating has the advantages of safety and environmental protection.

Installed in SP-15FL ball transfer unit,45kg load capacity ,with bolt fixing or ring artifacts required force with self-lubricating bearing bush of the bearing size increases and increases quickly.Due to the installation force requirements, larger bearing is not easy to push on the shaft or push into the bearing seat.Therefore, bearing or bearing or or ring artifacts need to be heated before installation.Induction bearing heater can be compared with the transformer, its working principle is to put a large number of turns of the primary coil copper sleeve manufacturer and a less number of turns of the secondary coil is installed on the same core.Input and output voltage ratio is equal to the ratio of the coil number of turns, and energy insurance maintenance-free bearings are the same.Therefore, the secondary coil under the condition of low voltage high current.For speed force bearing induction heater, bearing is a secondary coil short-circuit single-turn, under the condition of low voltage by large current, by making a lot of heat.Heater itself and yoke will keep at room temperature.Because of this heating method can detect the current, so the bearings will be magnetized.To bearing demagnetization, when it is important to ensure that make is in the process of operation will not absorb metal magnetic crumbs.All of the induction heater has function of automatic degaussing.Temperature difference between bearing and the bearing installation position depends on the level of interference fit and bearing size.Under normal circumstances, bearing temperature is higher than that of axial temperature from 80 to 90 ℃ (144-162 ℉) is enough for the installation.But absolutely can't let bearing heating temperature over 125 ℃ (257 ℉), metallographic change happens when bearing material, diameter or the change of hardness.To avoid local overheating, especially not with firing bearings.When you heat the bearings in the installation has to wear clean protective gloves.Easy to install, lifting (lifting) machinery can be used.Push SP-8FL ball transfer unit,8kg load capacity ,with M5 bolt to install location along the axis, keep bearing, push until the solid.

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