Post Ball Cage Retainer GEBK spherical plain radical bushing

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Post Ball Cage Retainer GEBK spherical plain radical bushing

Postby bearingtypes » Wed Feb 08, 2017 8:05 am

Bearing the overall structure and design
Usually, parts,Post Ball Cage Retainer, general institutions and function element.Consequently, all its structure design method and principle, and the general method and principle of mechanical design is fundamentally the opposite.However, due to its use function and role.
With objects even metallic and non-metallic materials, processed into a MPTZ flange size oil-free bushings form for qualified parts (salt pieces, plastic parts, forgings, etc.), and each pair can only be used for processing and forming a kind of specific parts, strong commonality, is a kind of common forming tool.Therefore, bearing design has the following characteristics and requirements:

Accuracy and positioning

Accuracy of concepts and understanding, is the bearing design personnel must set up the oil groove copper set of fundamental concepts and understanding.Bearing including precision bearing combination as a whole and parts and components of position and dimension precision, accuracy and precision.Such as punching die blanking clearance value and its average sex, plastic injection mould, die-casting mould clamping positioning and orientation precision, etc., are required by punch excavator arm copper cover with the shape, position precision die installation position, orientation and cooperate with precision guarantee.

When the bearing is designed as a result, the size of the need to stop severe design and calculation precision.At the same time, must also consider precision parts and components manufacturing technology and process, to ensure the fine features of bearing seat and secure.

Task due to the use of precision manufacturing technology, forming the size precision of parts is can do # "# # #! $$, namely the appellation" # "error concept.

And the orientation of the bearing installation

FU iron bushing-powder sintered bushing direction guidance, is a guide to ensure that the installation.At the same time, the installation of the average of the bearing clearance, accurate clamping movement also ACTS as positioning.Commonly used with guide installation, guide pillar and guide bush of guide installation (including sliding and rolling);Guide guide installation (including the general guide vice and smooth guide vice), secondary for large die, slider and Angle core pulling of guideway orientation;Die feeding guide plate guide and so on four.

Bearing direction guide installation, because of the precision guidance and precision positioning effect, so the requirement of high precision, good direction stiffness, etc., often with a positioning guide.

Mold release, discharge and core-pulling design

Plastic injection mould, die-casting mould demoulding structure and institutional design, discharge of progressive die structure and design, and core-pulling mechanism design, is also the key technology of bearing all the design.

Plastic injection mould,GEBK spherical plain radical bushing,die-casting mould stripping, usually USES on the type of design draft, at the same time in the die set top institutions.Top institutions of parts have been normalized.

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