GEBK spherical plain radical bushing Post Ball Cage Retainer

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GEBK spherical plain radical bushing Post Ball Cage Retainer

Postby bearingtypes » Wed Feb 08, 2017 7:50 am

The simple processing of textile sealed bearing
New cotton spinning equipment due to dust, heat, and the requirement of high speed, using a large number of GEBK spherical plain rad.These bearing operation after a certain period, because the copper bushing for internal oil shortage, lead to bearing damage of dry grinding and.Such as imports of seal bearing on the air current spinning machine, quantity, material quality is good, but use after some years, could not be clean and grease, make the sealed bearing large damage to scrap, increase the equipment failure and unnecessary spending.

Introduce two kinds of simple and effective method of cleaning and oiling.Tube cleaning oiling the first set of bearings manufacturers, is suitable for the bearing shell at both ends are sealed bearing clearance.Its method is to first immerse bearing in kerosene 1 h 2 h, then according to the size of bearing outside diameter, making special sleeve, can wash, can come on again.Sleeve bearing inner diameter slightly larger than diameter of 0.05 mm to 0.08 mm, slightly lighter than bearing.Cleaning refueling steps: sleeve adding suitable amount of kerosene, to press the bearing by hand into, using the bearing clearance, kerosene, extrude repeatedly for 1 ~ 2 times;Clean and spray dry again after adding sleeve grease,FU iron bushing powder s the sleeve inside press gently with the dry bearing pressure vessel, how many flexible according to the demand bearing oiling.The second is suitable for the special closed bearing, the clearance and positioning screw holes.Using positioning screw holes and bearing clearance are interlinked, bearing first soak 1 h ~ 2 h in kerosene, with special nozzle and inhaled kerosene oil gun, scoring bearing 2 ~ 3 times repeatedly, spray dry oil will be required to add grease gun.

The way to apply a variety of imported or domestic sealed bearing,Post Ball Cage Retainer and special sealed bearing, the bearing such as can get regular cleaning refueling, will be able to extend its service life, and can save a lot of money and reduce the occurrence of bad car.

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