DU Oilless Dry Bush JF Bimetal Bearings China Manufacturer

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DU Oilless Dry Bush JF Bimetal Bearings China Manufacturer

Postby bearingtypes » Wed Feb 08, 2017 7:26 am

Thrust bearing test after installation
Installing DU oilless dry bush, shaft circle shall be checked and verticality of shaft centerline.Square method of diesel engine copper liner is fix the dial gauge box shell end face, make the table touch the top of the head in the ring raceway on bearing axle bearing, and observe the dial gauge pointer, if the deflection of the pointer, shaft ring and shaft centerline is not vertical.Box shell hole deep, also can use extended dial gauge head test.

Ball transfer bushing installed correctly, the seat of powder metallurgy can automatically adapt to the roller rolling bearing and ensure the rolling element is located in the top and bottom ring raceway.If installed backwards, bearing not only don't work properly, and the match JTW self-lubrication gasket surface will badly worn.Due to axial ring and seat and the difference is not obvious, the assembly should be extra careful, do not make a mistake.In addition, the seat of the thrust bearing and the bearing holes should also be left between 0.2 0.5 mm clearance, to compensate parts processing, installation error caused by inaccurate, when the bearing ring during operation center offset, the clearance can be adjusted to ensure the automatic, the avoidance of friction, make its normal operation.Otherwise, will cause JF bimetal bearings severe damage.

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