Easy analysis to the 8ft LED fluorescent tube light

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Easy analysis to the 8ft LED fluorescent tube light

Postby zjanan03 » Mon Sep 18, 2017 8:35 am

With the fast development of lighting industry nowadays, LED products have progressively replaced the traditional fluorescent tube lights, and occupied a dominant position in people’s daily life. However, for 2400 mm led tube, when compared to the traditional, it is still at a disadvantaged side in the market. But, when it comes to the product’s characteristic itself, LED 8ft fluorescent tube has extremely advantages.
First, comparing to the producing process of traditional fluorescent tube, LED 2400 mm tube becomes much easier. It is just a process of assembling. However, when producing traditional one, it need special equipment to handle with the process of exhausting, even though we, Anan, have the chinese only automatic producing line to manufacture 8ft fluorescent tube, but it still can not withstand the trend of LED.
Second, the brightness for the tube will be high. The traditional 2.4 meters tube light emits light with the fluorescent powder, while LED tube depends on the lighting-emit diode, which are series and parallel connection on the PCB. As each diode has its own lumen, the superimposed effect will surpass the traditional.
Last but not the least, in the situation of promoting eco-friendly, LED tube light has the blessed advantages, because all of the materials for the LED tube are non-tonic and harmful, while, it exist mercury and others in the traditional tubes.
Of course, except for these advantages on the crafts, 2400 mm LED tube light still has huge USP. For the traditional one, 8ft fluorescent tube is always large power—100w, even 125w. But for the LED, it can reduce more than a half power, while, the lumen and other data are the same. This causes to save half an electric loss.
So, when choosing led 8ft fluorescent tube, please look for Anan; Buy comfortably and use safely.

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